The Expert's experts: Fashion designers

PUBLISHED: 16:40 23 March 2011 | UPDATED: 19:04 20 February 2013

The Expert's experts: Fashion designers

The Expert's experts: Fashion designers

Suffolk fashion designer Terry Fox chooses her inspirational figures

Suffolk fashion designer Terry Fox chooses her inspirational figures

John Galliano

Top slot, undoubtedly is John Galliano, the greatest fashion designer to have lived in my lifetime. A true genius and innovator, he adorns the female form with colour and texture, from his use of fabric to the complicated architecture of his exquisite designs.

I am totally in awe of someone who keeps pouring out liquid dreams from a never-ending melting pot of ideas. Each time 100% original, masterful, clever, playful and yet sophisticated.

He is a one man fashion forum who paves the way for young hopefuls (and old hopefuls too!!)

He was born The One, just like Neo in The Matrix movie, as only he alone could follow in the footsteps of Christian Dior and head the most famous Parisian fashion house in the world. ( I tried both the blue and the red pills it didnt work!!)

John Galliano sets the bar whether you like it? Hate it? Could wear it? Or even can afford it!!

It only takes an On Trend Dior lipstick to make you feel like you know totally where its at!!

Vivienne Westwood

Her style is quirky & edgy - Victorian Whitechapel, fast forwarded to the 21st century. That also describes Queen Vivs true followers; posh people with mockney accents, loads of eccentric confidence, and dishevelled hair. Picture gorgeously expensive and colourful handbags with a bucket-load of lipstick well, Helena Bonham Carter for short (sorry, didnt mean to mention being short!)

Fabulously different and very English whod have thought that a tweed jacket could undergo a Frankenstein-style operation and still look so good?! The secret is that she designs at that perfect point of madness, just before it teeters over the edge of those rather large platform shoes a balancing act of brilliance and barmy as only Vivienne Westwood can do.

Roland Mouret

The King of BodyCon. Oh-so-sexy, gorgeous signature silhouettes that every woman, any shape, size or age should have in her wardrobe. Its a shift dress with attachments, a touch of clever draping. Its a sleeve that doesnt look like a sleeve, yet covers all those unbearable bits of your arms, and a gorgeous piece of fabric covers all the rest. Great news that Mouret has just opened in London guess where Im going (via the bank, around midnight!!)

Burberry Prorsum

Has to be mentioned for when youre in rock chick mode nobody does a leather jacket like it, and this season its snakeskin darling!!! I cant even say that without turning into Sheer Khan from the Jungle Book, and when the claws come out, hook onto sheer luxury and the smell of that leather.

Grab the biker jacket, along with a chiffon skirt, add a fab pair of classic black shoes, and youre ready to rock. (Lower heels will prevent roll!!)

All Saints

And finally, back down to earth designs I really love and wear. A fabulous rich loose top, preferably a jumper (all year round) with a Wild Side skirt thats my look, and Im sticking to it. Big bad boots and a huge piece of jewellery can do anything its my work wear!!

These pieces last a lifetime, and I recommend anyone to invest. I do choose wisely as some items are only blessed for the young. But with a bit of thought, a pulled-down hemline, and a thick pair of tights Urban without the decay!

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