Suffolk's Terry Fox is the coolest designer of them all

PUBLISHED: 16:34 23 March 2011 | UPDATED: 19:04 20 February 2013

Suffolk's Terry Fox is the coolest designer of them all

Suffolk's Terry Fox is the coolest designer of them all

One of the county's top fashion talents is now cutting it on ice

One of the county's top fashion talents is now cutting it on ice

Dress designer Terry Fox has been involved in the latest series of Dancing On Ice, creating an outfit for the shows coach and former Olympics skater Karen Barber.

"We have been making designs for celebrities at red carpet events recently and our London PR agency helped get us involved in the show, " explained Terry, whose business is based in Bury St Edmunds.

"Karen has been a pleasure to work with and says she really wants to wear our designs. Various shops and companies provide outfits for her show wardrobe and she chose one of our corsets, in silver and grey, for the opening programme of the latest series. We are hoping she will wear other designs during the course of the series but it all depends on what the other stars in the show are wearing. There is a pecking order in who chooses what, and decisions can be made just before the show goes on air."

A red dress designed by Terry "which Karen loves" is likely to appear in one of the future shows.

"We have been down to watch the contestants train and you really get the impression they are being put through some tough routines. Given that some of them have hardly skated its remarkable.

"Everyone, from Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean to Karen and the stars, is really giving everything you cant help but be impressed by their commitment and dedication, " says Terrys partner John.

From her Garland Street studio (which was a former granary and wine bar) Terry designs modern designs for brides ( and grooms) as well as the mother of the bride and bridesmaids. Dresses can vary in price from 2,000 to 10,000 and this small west Suffolk business is now attracting Middle Eastern customers preferring to seek out Terrys collection rather than London bridal shops.

Last year Terry was given the chance to design and make a wedding dress for the model Katie Price. But when the celebrity decided to change her wedding plans Terrys work came to nothing. "It was all part of a deal for the wedding to be featured extensively in OK! magazine and we were hoping for some publicity on the back of that but Katie wanted something on a much smaller scale, " said Terry.

"It was very frustrating. It was an arrangement done on promises and good faith there was no contract so I guess we learn from that," said John.

So does John, a tall fireman, get any ribbing from his work colleagues about his involvement in Terrys work? "Yes, quite a lot, as you would expect!" he says.

"Actually John has a really good eye for structure and colour," says Terry. "Often he will pick up on something in a dress which shows he has an eye for detail."

Which brings us to the time when John was discussing the colour of mugs at the fire station. "Someone said and heres a pink mug, I think we all know who will be having that one I had to point out it wasnt pink, it was fuchsia." smiles John.

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