Suffolk's next Big Thing

PUBLISHED: 16:12 13 September 2010 | UPDATED: 17:49 20 February 2013

Suffolk's next Big Thing

Suffolk's next Big Thing

Chiron Richardson-Todd, James Hicks, Tom Bryce, Bronwyn Cooper and <br/><br/>Dan Oaten are part of Suffolk's next big thing. From Ipswich, Grundisburgh and Hintlesham, they make up Underline The Sky, one of the county's best up and coming bands

Chiron Richardson-Todd, James Hicks, Tom Bryce, Bronwyn Cooper and
Dan Oaten are part of Suffolks next big thing, they are the members (from Ipswich, Grundisburgh and Hintlesham) of Underline The Sky, one of the countys best up and coming bands

Are you all musical? How did you get together?
We all play instruments, and have done for a long time. I think we all picked up our instruments for different reasons but we ended up together! We all met through previous bands and formed one night out at a pub in Ipswich. Well, excluding Chiron who joined us a few months down the line after supporting us with his other band at our first ever show.

Youve had a busy year, tell us what you have been doing?
Since the start of this year weve gone gig crazy and have been writing new material. We released our debut EP at the end of 2009 and have been promoting that as much as possible to try spread our music across the country, and, after playing in France in June, Europe. We also poured nearly all our time and effort recently into the Live and Unsigned 2010 competition. We got through to the final which was on July 10, where we managed to pick up three prizes.

The trip you have won to India sounds exciting, tell us a little about that?
We havent got many details on it yet to be honest with you. All we know is that well be flown out to India to play as part of Independence Rock Asias biggest rock festival. Last year it was a 16-day festival.The day were playing is effectively an international battle of the bands where the grand prize is $30,000!

Where do you see yourselves in the next few years? Going strong as a professional band or will it always be a hobby?
Our ultimate dream is for this band to be our single and only calling in life. We already see it as both a job and a hobby hopefully soon it will become our full time job and well spend everyday in a van travelling around the world playing the music we have created!

I know you will say you have an original sound, and Im sure that is right, but to people who havent heard you which group do you sound like?
That truly is an incredibly hard question to answer! There will always be a lot of people think that we sound like Paramore, simply due to the fact were a pop-rock band with a female singer, but we genuinely believe that we have managed to create a sound which is completely unlike them!
To be honest I wouldnt know what to say. We get a lot of inspiration from bands like Mayday Parade, Forever the Sickest Kids, We The Kings and All Time Low, but I wouldnt say we sound like them either! Listening to us and deciding for yourselves is probably the best way.

What is the rock n roll lifestyle like these days? You havent trashed any hotel rooms I take it?
Hah! At this stage, if we break it, we buy it! Were all still working or at university so its hard to afford things as it is. The most rock n roll we get is having a beer to unwind at the end of a show!

Which group/singer do you most admire and why?
Chiron: Of anyone... ever? I think Sum41 were the first band I listened to and thought, wow... I want to be in a band like this for the rest of my life.
Hicks: A certain god-like man called Joel Piper he is my ultimate hero. An incredible drummer, an incredible singer, in an incredible band, with incredible tattoos and incredible hair, AND hes probably the nicest guy Ive ever had the chance of meeting in my life!

Favourite ever song?
Chiron: It changes so often but at the moment either Drop the Girl by Hit the Lights or Finders Keepers by You Me at Six.
Hicks: Impossible to answer! Literally.

Presumably you have all had great backing/support from friends and family?
Well... some more than others. All our parents and friends want us to do well, that goes without saying, but some people are more willing to put time and effort (and money!) into helping us to achieve our goals. Its crazy, we appreciate all the help we get, and we always feel pretty bad for accepting money, it doesnt feel right.

Will Suffolk always be home to you all? What do you like about the county?
Suffolk is home, as soon as we see the Welcome to Suffolk signs on our way home from a show, we feel at ease.
The music scene is awesome in Suffolk. We have Latitude which is awesome, but mostly the unsigned artists from here are just incredible... it helps keep us on our toes too!

Best piece of advice you have been given?
Dont fix it if it hasnt broken yet.
Dont regret it if it hasnt happened yet.
The best advice I found is dont look down.

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