WATCH: 15 great videos of Suffolk as it used to be

PUBLISHED: 09:12 12 January 2021 | UPDATED: 13:04 12 January 2021

Meet of foxhounds at Hardwick House, Sudbury (c) Spanton-Jarman Collection, Bury St Edmunds Past and Present Society, Bury St Edmunds

Meet of foxhounds at Hardwick House, Sudbury (c) Spanton-Jarman Collection, Bury St Edmunds Past and Present Society, Bury St Edmunds


It may have put up a fight over the years but even Suffolk has not been able to resist the advances of the modern world. Here are 15 amazing videos that show our county in much simpler times

1) Kersey

"Kersey has clung steadfastly to its 15th century charm and today the place abounds in ancient timber houses, mellowed and tinted by the passing years"

2) Dwile Flonking in Geldeston

"Call them revivalist if you like, they're really Dwile Flonkers wearing their Dwile Flonking gear getting ready to perform an age-old custom at the back of the Wherry public house"

3) The House in the Clouds, Thorpeness

"You've probably heard of people living in all sorts of odd places: caves, trees, converted windmills, oasthouses or landing craft but this top heavy dwelling is something quite different"

4) Buttley Creek oyster farm

"The Buttley oysterage has imported a million young Portugese oysters which it plans to harvest within five years"

5) Long Melford bakery

"In Suffolk's little Long Melford it is pleasant to stand and watch bread being baked as Chaucer must have known it, baked in the sweet heat of hazelwood faggots cut in the woods nearby"


See more of Suffolk on your screens:


6) Lowestoft fishing

"Fish is written large in the language of Lowestoft where the men who go down to the sea leave the shelter of the harbour to battle for their livelihood and our food"

7) Ipswich's female scrap dealer

"Mrs Ford of Ipswich is probably Britain's only woman scrap dealer"

8) Making cricket bats in Suffolk

"For this is Suffolk, a centre of the cricket bat industry. Here in lovely green meadows alongside running streams willows grow in their thousands"

9) Pin Mill barge restaurant

"Pause a while. Pause in this secluded backwater of Suffolk to browse through craft and colour in a corner of England which captured the imagination of painter John Constable. It's changed of course but not much, there's still a steadfast resistance to be tied to the racing pulse of the 20th century"

10) Wartime derby at Newmarket

"Here come the score of ration-fed thoroughbreds to dispute the second wartime derby"


Visit some of the featured locations yourself:


11) Nazi bomber crashes in Suffolk garden

"War comes suddenly to a peaceful garden in East Anglia when an enemy bomber crashes near a rectory, killing two of the crew outright"

12) Ipswich

"The old houses in St Margaret's Street are typical of the many 16th century relics you'll find in all parts of the town and even the more modern buildings, some of which are now memories after the blitz, have a dignity that you usually associate with a village"

13) Frostenden Farming

"Pea growing is a very highly organised affair these days since quick frozen foods came into use"

14) Debenham Rush Weavers

"We visit a group of rush weavers working on the village green at Debenham, Suffolk"

15) Wattisham Hawker Hunters

"The Hunter is the Air Force's chief reply to criticisms that the country is short of modern military aircraft"


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