Mad about March

PUBLISHED: 13:07 04 March 2014 | UPDATED: 13:07 04 March 2014

Havergate Hares

Havergate Hares


Terry Hunt tells why this is his favourite month

For all sorts of reasons, March is my favourite month. It’s when the year really starts to come to life and we can finally dare to believe that spring is here after the cold, dark (and this year very wet) months of January and February.

March is when the garden stirs into life. At Hunt Towers it means the grass begins to grow and out comes the lawnmower. Each year I intend to have it fully serviced during the winter, but I always forget and then expect it to start first time after four or five months of it sitting idle in the shed. It hasn’t let me down yet . . .

It takes about an hour and a half to cut the rolling acres at Hunt Towers, a delicious fortnightly 90 minutes when I can listen to my favourite music on my iPod Shuffle, and simply shut out the world for a short time. I don’t profess to be a great gardener, but I have to say that I do take an inordinate amount of pride in getting the lawn into shipshape fashion. I just love those stripes! My children roll their eyes and tell me it’s ‘old man syndrome’.

Of course, for those of us with thinning thatch, the otherwise very welcome gathering strength of the sun brings its own dangers.

Each year I have a ‘PHD Day’. No, nothing to do with studying at university – this version of PHD stands for ‘Pink Head Day’. I seem to recall my earliest PHD was March 15. So, if you are similarly challenged in the hair department, March is the month to remember the suncream, or wear a hat!

Mind you, March can be perverse when it comes to weather. I’m not so sure about the old saying “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”.

The last few days of the month can be pretty wintry. Twice on my birthday in recent years – March 23 – we have had heavy snowfall.

Last year, we went to a lovely wedding reception at Glemham Hall on my birthday, and when we emerged from the marquee to head for home the snow was falling heavily. The drive back down what appeared to be a non-gritted A12 was less than pleasant.

So, let’s welcome March – the bridge between winter and spring. And let’s hope it heralds a glorious summer.

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