Lesley Dolphin: It's all about Suffolk

PUBLISHED: 12:18 19 September 2012 | UPDATED: 21:55 20 February 2013

Lesley Dolphin: It's all about Suffolk

Lesley Dolphin: It's all about Suffolk

BBC Radio Suffolk's Lesley Dolphin recalls bad hair days

It's enough to make your hair curl

I know the song says Diamonds are a girls best friend, but Ive decided a womans best friend is actually her hairdresser.

Once youve discovered someone you trust you never want to let them go, and Kirsty has been dealing with my Barnet for around 20 years. Can anyone beat that?

I was at a relaunch for a local PR company recently and discovered that although I didnt know many of the guests we all knew each other through our hairdressers.

When I first moved to Ipswich it was my colleague Sally who recommended I go to Kirsty at Hairaisers and Ive been following her from salon to salon ever since. An awful lot of water and several hairstyles have passed under the bridge.

When I was in my teens I found getting my hair cut a pretty scary business rather than a treat. I was quite shy (honestly) and not very good at small talk so it was hard making conversation with the stylist about my holiday or Friday night out. That chair in front of the mirror was a very vulnerable place as the shiny, sharp silver scissors flashed and snipped away at my untrained mop.

It was pre-Vidal Sassoon, before the cut became important, so I always left with a hairstyle that had been curling-tonged and sprayed into submission.

I flattened it as soon as I could.

Ive never found my hair easy to manage because it curls and kinks in the most random ways. I have early memories of sleeping in foam rollers and a hair net just to get a page boy style.

So I was thrilled when the perm became fashionable and for several years I was very happy looking like a poodle. It was so easy to manage just wash and shake (like a poodle, in fact) every morning.

When Kirsty first took me in hand my hair was very short. Since then weve worked through various cuts and colours. I firmly believe in growing old graciously as long as I dont have to go grey. In that time my children have grown up and flown the nest, Ive got divorced and re-married, and Kirsty has worked at four or five different salons. There was never any doubt that I would follow her not only does she cut my hair well she always makes me feel as if shes really pleased to see me.

Last time I was at her present salon in Pinewood she said my current style is the best Ive ever had. Its only taken 20 years. Id love to hear your stories of how long youve been following your hairdresser and how far youre willing to travel.

A world of inspiring women

Last month I was extremely flattered to be included in a book celebrating the centenary of International Womens Day, produced by Deborah Watson.

It features 100 women in 100 words and is full of stories from all sorts of inspiring women from Suffolk and Norfolk.

It includes a paralympian, an Olympian, several business women, scientists, mums and artists. Some you will have heard of and some you wont, but each has a great story to tell.

Sales of the book will benefit the EVE appeal in East Anglia funding research into gynaecological cancer.

If you know a woman with an inspirational story who should be in the next book let me know.

Where am I?

Every afternoon on my radio show Dolphins dart lands at a different place in Suffolk. See if you can spot where it is this time:

We are near the coast at a village which was taken over by the army during the second world war. The villagers were all evacuated and werent allowed back until one of the residents, Mrs Ada Tricker, marched to Parliament in 1947 to demand their homes back. The village sign features a Suffolk Punch horse because there used to be an important stud here. If you know where we are or you can add to my stories about the village or stud then I would love to hear from you. Email suffolkmagazine@archant.co.uk

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