Lesley Dolphin: It's all about Suffolk

PUBLISHED: 02:18 20 June 2012 | UPDATED: 21:30 20 February 2013

Lesley Dolphin: It's all about Suffolk

Lesley Dolphin: It's all about Suffolk

The BBC Radio Suffolk presenter ponders life in the county

Rising to the occasion in a busy month

It sounds simple doesnt it bake a cake fit for the Queen. That was the suggestion of our editor who wanted to display it in this magazine.

Foolishly I agreed and it was only as I was trying to decide what sort of cake to make that I realised my reputation was at stake. I like to think Im a reasonable cook and often talk about food in a knowledgeable way on my radio show. This could be a disaster!

I scoured all my recipe books and the internet for ideas. It had to be easy, foolproof and British. I first thought of strawberries but for some reason any recipes involving them are extremely complicated. Definitely not what I needed and time was running out.

The editor (who was not offering to bake) emailed, saying she was coming to take the photograph on Saturday morning.

One of my earliest memories is of staying with my grandma and discovering lemon curd, so when I found a recipe for a lemon cake I knew that was the one. Lemon curd is quintessentially British. As always, Id left this to the last minute and so got up very early on the Saturday morning to start baking. As I weighed out the flour, sugar and eggs I suddenly understood what all those wonderful cooks on the

The recipe required homemade lemon curd and as Ive only ever bought mine in jars I admit I did wonder whether to cheat. In the end honesty got the better of me. I had already grated the zest, juiced my lemon and was stirring my mixture anxiously when the editor rang to say she might be a bit late. Thank goodness I still had the icing to make!

You can see my efforts on page 42. I think I got away with it and, depending on your point of view, I must either say thanks or apologise to another Suffolk woman because I used a Delia Smith recipe!

Jubilee June

I cant believe were into June my diary is jam-packed with events. Not only do we have a four-day Jubilee weekend, but the Suffolk Show is straight afterwards. I just love the show its a shop window for all thats wonderful about our county. From beautiful Suffolk Punch Horses, to food, to flowers theres something for everyone. As I walk round it makes me very proud to live in a county with so much to offer. I just hope we have lovely weather for this one!

Also in my diary are food events, the Olympic torch arriving, the Crash of the Elysium, the Lowestoft Air Festival, the Olympics (we didnt get tickets) the Paralympics, (we did get tickets ) and then our friends from Germany are coming to stay in September.

We visit each other on alternate years and spend some time travelling. Last time we took them to Cornwall but we thought wed go to Norfolk this time. Mark had a birthday last month so we used that as an excuse to do a recce and spend some time in our neighbouring county.

We visited Sandringham and drove round the north Norfolk coast looking at where to base ourselves. Once Mark got over the shock of being in Norwich City territory he quite enjoyed it. Both of us were reminiscing me because I grew up in Norfolk, and Mark because he spent holidays there as a youngster. We didnt miss Suffolk too much because when we arrived at our hotel in Blakeney we discovered it was run by Adnams.

We had a wonderful view as I lay in bed I could see the tide coming in across the estuary and marshes. The sun was shining on the sails of little dinghies and sparkling on the water. Obviously you pay for the view in a hotel but it made me ponder the views we have around us that dont cost a thing. When I walk the dog along the River Orwell there are two views I always find stunning. Theres the graceful curve of the Orwell Bridge a modern, concrete structure but I do think its beautiful and on the Shotley peninsula, the older, red brick Freston Tower. The river changes with the tide and both are beautiful in their own way if you take the time to look.

I was gazing out of our bedroom window the other day. We live on an estate in Ipswich and I can see into lots of other gardens. It was a dry day and everyone had their washing out a typically British scene.

Suffolk is full of wonderful views if only we take the time to look.

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