It's all about Suffolk: Lesley Dolphin

PUBLISHED: 13:14 19 May 2011 | UPDATED: 19:24 20 February 2013

It's all about Suffolk: Lesley Dolphin

It's all about Suffolk: Lesley Dolphin

Recent experience has taught our columnist never to take her job for granted

Recent experience has taught our columnist never to take her job for granted

I have worked in BBC Local Radio for my whole career and until recently I realise I have been very guilty of taking my job for granted. Were often told these days that we cant expect a job for life any more but I didnt really believe that applied to me until, as in many other businesses, the
BBC started looking at making cuts.

It certainly set me wondering what I would or could do should I need to start looking for work. As a fifty-something woman who has spent most of her life talking for a living I dont really know what else I am equipped for.

Its certainly a pretty sobering situation and has really brought home to me how tough things are at the moment especially for those who have
already lost their jobs, or are fighting to keep their livelihood. Im just thankful that at least my boys are grown up and dont rely on me anymore, I cant imagine how demoralising and frightening it must be to lose your job when you have a family depending on you.

However, although I dont have any dependents, I do need to earn a living if I want to carry on living the lifestyle that I am used to and have come to think of as my right. I need money to pay the mortgage, to run a car, to go out to the theatre or to buy a season ticket for Ipswich Town FC.

I have suddenly realised that if I dont have a job all these things would have to go. I wouldnt even be able to do the voluntary work with Suffolk Wildlife Trust that Ive always fancied doing, because if I cant afford a car then I wont be able to get there. It has brought home to me how quickly all I take for granted could be taken away pretty scary.

I mentioned that I have worked for the BBC all my life I have been so lucky to be in the right place at the right time throughout my career so far. I left school with a respectable number of O and A level passes with no idea of a career so I did a degree course at the
University of Bradford.

One of the lectures in our first term was from a BBC local radio producer. At that time there was no such thing as local radio in Suffolk or
Norfolk so I was fascinated and blagged a visit to the studios in Leeds, and that was how my life changed and my career started!

Anne Hunter was the producer. I have never forgotten her because she took me under her wing. I learnt how to use a tape recorder, to drive a programme and even passed my driving test so I could broadcast from their radio car! I passed my degree and returned home to Norwich in 1980 the year the BBC opened Radio Norfolk and guess what, because of my experience in Leeds, I was one of the lucky people to get a job!

I spent a very happy four years there, first of all as a reporter covering all sorts of stories from plane crashes to chatting with Morecambe and Wise, and then as the presenter of their afternoon show some things dont change!

I left Norfolk in 1984 to have a family and moved to this fair county. BBC
Radio Suffolk opened in 1990 just as Tom and John were starting school, and right place and right time once more I was able to get more
radio work. The rest is history and here I am still presenting radio shows and absolutely loving every minute of my work.

I really have no idea of what other job I would apply for, should I have to find a new one, but I have decided that, for the moment, I am not going to worry because I am going to make the most of what I do now. I have taken it all for granted for so long that I aim to enjoy every moment while I can although if you do come across a job where they need a very talkative woman do let me know!

Did you know that raisins are poisonous to dogs? I didnt until I spotted a message on the social network Twitter. One of my online followers tweeted that she had just rushed her two dogs to the vets to have
their stomachs pumped after theyd munched their way through a whole
bag of the dried fruit. I knew that dogs should not eat chocolate but had never heard about the raisins so I interviewed her on my radio show to spread the word be warned!

Finally, by the time you read this Mark and I will have decided whether to splash out this year on our ITFC season tickets. I dont think there is really any question in Marks mind but I cant help but dream of the other ways I could spend the four or five hundred pounds they cost like a
lazy holiday in the sun, or whiling away a few hours with some retail

Then I think that maybe Paul Jewell will create the greatest Ipswich Town team ever and that next season will be the season we build fortress Portman Road and make it to the Premiership.
How could I afford to miss that?

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