It's all about Suffolk: Lesley Dolphin

PUBLISHED: 11:11 22 March 2011 | UPDATED: 19:02 20 February 2013

It's all about Suffolk: Lesley Dolphin

It's all about Suffolk: Lesley Dolphin

BBC Radio Suffolk's Lesley Dolphin writes about life in our county

BBC Radio Suffolk's Lesley Dolphin writes about life in our county

I had an awful shock the other day. We have a chest freezer at the back of the garage, and I was pretty sure there was a joint of lamb in there that would be perfect for Sunday lunch. After negotiating the lawn mower, golf clubs and an array of paint cans, I managed to prise open the lid and peer inside there were two eyes staring back at me!

I had totally forgotten that, the night before I headed off on my Kilimanjaro trek, my two proud sons had presented me with a brace of pheasants. Normally I would have been thrilled, but with the packing still to do I just bunged both birds into the freezer feathers and all! Will they defrost alright so I can still draw and pluck them I wonder?

Several of my friends recoil in horror when I tell them I can turn the pheasants into oven-ready birds all by myself. In fact I am quite proud that I am not too squeamish to do the gutting and plucking because it seems to me that these days we have all become rather divorced from the whole business of meat production. I reckon its probably good for me to get my hands dirty literally!

In fact, until last week, I was also proud there are very few parts of an animal that I wont eat. I often dish up liver and onions or devilled kidneys, and even in these days of worrying about whether fat is saturated or not, I still cant resist a piece of toast and dripping. I casually mentioned in the office the other day that I had a great recipe for casseroled oxtail and got some very odd looks!

But that was before I heard about the latest, trendy dish thats being served at some of our top restaurants. I have bought it at the butchers in the past because its something my dog drools over how do you fancy roasted marrow bone?

This juicy treat is on the menu at Heston Blumenthals new London restaurant, but the good news is you dont have to travel to the City, or pay their inflated prices, to taste this delicacy because its also served at Pea Porridge restaurant in Bury St Edmunds. They have just received a Michelin award and the owner and chef, Justin told me one of their most popular dishes is his saut of snails, bacon and bone marrow. I am not so sure myself but as I used to tell my children I suppose I should give it a try before saying I dont like it!

Staying with food, Mark and I have just embarked on a diet it was when he sat on the new loo seat and it cracked that the decision to cut calories was finally made! I have spent much of my life counting points or grams of fat, or having red days and green days. Once I even spent three days on a grapefruit and Bovril diet! This time though we are being very sensible and following a plan online. So far its working well, at least for Mark he has lost eight pounds and I have lost two, but Ill keep you posted. Now I wonder how many calories there are in bone marrow?

Thank you for your generosity.

Since I returned from our trek up Kilimanjaro I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of Suffolk people and want to take the chance to say thank you.

Fourteen of us did the walk to raise money for the EACH Treehouse appeal and originally we thought we were setting our sights too high with a target of 30,000. Now we are so thrilled to be have raised more than 60,000!

Much of the money has been donated via our Justgiving site but, as reported in Februarys Suffolk magazine, since we returned we have been swamped with letters, cards, cheques and cash that were dropped in or posted to me at BBC Radio Suffolk.

We have been really touched by the kind words and messages, several of the letters were very moving with the money being donated in memory of loved ones and many of the donations were totally anonymous.

There were envelopes that just contained a five or ten pound note and I even received one containing 400 cash it was dropped into our reception by someone who said they were originally going to use it for a holiday but now wanted it to go to the hospice. The next day I was staggered to open another envelope to find 1,100 in 20 notes.

The trip was extremely tough but your support has been absolutely stupendous and has made it all worthwhile thank you very, very much.

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