Dog Daze: Have dog, will travel

PUBLISHED: 12:20 24 May 2011 | UPDATED: 19:26 20 February 2013

Dog Daze: Have dog, will travel

Dog Daze: Have dog, will travel

It's never been so easy to take your canine pal on holiday with you says our dog expert

It's never been so easy to take your canine pal on holiday with you says our dog expert

We now have more dog friendly holiday destinations than ever before and along with pet passports this means that our faithful companions can accompany us on breaks both at home and abroad.

Taking their dogs with them when they go away is the best option for some people, as they dont like to leave their dogs in kennels and do not have anyone to look after them at home. For other owners, leaving their four legged friend at home simply isnt a consideration!

So where to begin? I would suggest you start by making sure your dog is socialised and good mannered before embarking on the holiday. A good way to begin is by training your dog when it is a youngster and getting it used to going to different places and seeing and hearing different sights and sounds. No one wants an unruly dog staying in their holiday let, hotel, campsite or bed and breakfast.

Over the years a number of clients have attended my classes to make sure their dogs are well trained and socialised because they plan to take them on holiday in the future.

Once you are happy that your dog is properly trained and socialised then it is a good idea to check out prospective holiday accommodation and satisfy yourself that they still allow dogs.

Some places allow only one dog while others allow up to six dogs, like a place my husband and I stayed at in Scotland.

Also find out if there are any dog friendly pubs nearby so that you will not have to leave your dog in a hot car whilst you go and have lunch.

Check there is a vet in the vicinity in case one is needed and quickly drive out and check exactly where it is on arrival.

You will need to take your dogs own bedding, food, bowls and toys, leads, collars, poo bags and plenty of water for the journey.

I would also suggest the following:

  • A name tag with the holiday contact details on, so if your dog was to go astray, he would not be returned to Suffolk when you are in Yorkshire !

  • Notify the micro chipping and/or the tattoo company to let them know that you are away and give them details of where you are going and for how long.

  • Make sure your dog is insured and that your policy covers holiday destinations.

If you are travelling in the UK then make sure you break your journey from time to time so your dog can stretch its legs and have a drink. If you are travelling abroad this will not be possible so chat to your vet with regards to travel advice.

Travelling abroad

All dogs travelling abroad must be fully vaccinated including against rabies. Your vet will be able to advise you on the exact timescale for the vaccinations and of any blood tests required.

In general, when choosing a destination abroad, you may take your dog to any of the countries that are part of the Pet Travel Scheme.

You will need to check which ferry or airline companies will allow your dog to travel with them. You can travel by Euro tunnel but NOT by Eurostar (assistant dogs only). And remember to make sure your pet insurance policy covers for holidays abroad.

Regardless of whether you are going abroad or staying in the UK for your holiday with your dog, please be mindful of other people out walking as not everyone likes dogs. Keep dogs on a lead where there is livestock, wildlife and game as farmers have the right to shoot any dog that is deemed to be annoying their animals.

Also in some countries dogs are not allowed off lead, so check in advance.

For further information on taking your dog on holiday visit the Kennel Club website and with regards to taking your dog abroad, have a chat with your vet who will be more than happy to advise you.

Have a super holiday and plenty of fun with your family dog.



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