Springtime blues

PUBLISHED: 11:19 19 May 2015 | UPDATED: 11:19 19 May 2015

Take Part in Art - bluebells

Take Part in Art - bluebells


May means bluebells – beautifully shaped, delicate flower heads that carpet woodland floors in swathes of glorious colour, which look even better when shafts of low, dappled sunlight break through the fresh spring canopy.

Take Part in Art - bluebellsTake Part in Art - bluebells

But are these brilliant little flowers really blue? Drawing and painting them presents a challenge – they are, in fact, a combination of various pale blue tints interwoven with mauves and purples. Somehow ‘mauvebells’ doesn’t quite have the same ring about it.

So, how to capture this unique colour, which changes with the direction and intensity of the light throughout the day? Go for a distant view complete with tree trunks, leaves and canopies? Or home in on a smaller area, a single stem, or even one flower head.

I recommend attempting them all, especially as bluebells are their best for a very short time. Taking time to find your very own bluebell patch where you can study, admire and enjoy them is well worth the effort.

Try using different media – water based oils, pastel pencils and watercolour – and experiment with ways to create that unique colour.

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