Meal tomes

PUBLISHED: 11:49 23 November 2010 | UPDATED: 18:12 20 February 2013

Meal tomes

Meal tomes

Ben Keenan introduces the latest additions to Waterstone's cookery shelves

Ben Keenan introduces the latest additions to Waterstones cookery shelves

The Whole Hog by Carol Wilson and Christopher Trotter (Pavilion Hardback, Waterstones 25)
The miraculous range of delicacies gathered from a single glorious pig are hard to fathom but thanks to this exceptional new book, the wonders of pork are put front and centre by a professional food historian and a brilliant chef. From the humble bacon sandwich to more exotic delights and several yummy new ways to cook and enjoy offal, this book is as much about cookery as it is about the geographical importance of raising happy pigs which then provide us with beautifully flavoured meat. Featuring over 100 fabulous recipes which include everything but the oink, this homage to all things porcine is one of the best new books currently available.

The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit (Bloomsbury Hardback, Waterstones 18.99)
We currently find ourselves in the midst of a molecular gastronomy surge thanks to the pioneering skills of chefs like Heston Blumenthal and Ferran Adria because every few years the cookery world reinvents itself by finding the most outrageous flavour combinations possible. For example, I was recently offered a classic apple pie which was inexplicably served with a parsnip and saffron ice-cream, but thanks to this new release by Niki Segnit, the days of random flavour pairings could be at an end.
The Flavour Thesaurus is a masterpiece of simplicity which takes a specific taste such as Meaty or Earthy or Spicy and pairs the ingredients together which work in perfect harmony. The day this book arrived I read it in one greedy sitting. A true original!

Tender Volume 2 by Nigel Slater (4th Estate Hardback, Waterstones 22.99)
The nations finest food writer returns with the sequel to last years magnificent Tender, which is one of the best cookery books youll ever read. It sold thousands of copies and inspired his latest unmissable television show and this year he treats us to the second volume focusing on fruit rather than vegetables. This book is so wonderfully comprehensive you just need to think of a variety of fruit and you can almost guarantee that Slater grows it in his impressive garden! With his usual fascinating insight and easy to follow methodology, Volume 2 puts fruit at the heart of some of Nigels finest recipes to date so whether or not its the centrepiece, the garnish or just the sauce, the passion with which Nigel writes makes this one of the must-own cookery books of the year.

Home-Cooked Comforts by Laura Washburn (Ryland, Peters and Small Hardback, Waterstones 16.99)
For me, just saying the words comfort food will conjure up images of steaming bowls of my mamas stew and dumplings and a deep glass of red wine. For Laura Washburn, it means putting together a no-fuss delicious meal for her family which wont break the bank and will satisfy even the biggest appetite.
Lauras food is unpretentious, international cuisine, big and bold in flavour but easy enough for a kitchen novice to prepare with confidence. The great thing about this book is that every dish can be cooked in a single pot and served straight from the oven so with the abundance of quality ingredients available in Suffolk, a spectacular lunch or dinner is just a few short steps away.

Jamies 30 Minute Meals by Jamie Oliver (Penguin hardback, Waterstones 13)
Jamie has done it again! Not satisfied with starting an American Food revolution, re-inventing the school dinner or with the help of Long Melfords Ruse butchers, championing the importance of pig welfare, Jamie has now taken it upon himself to helping us create a delicious feast of food every night of the week.
This new book is different from his other bestsellers as it provides the reader with not just one but sometimes up to six recipes per meal which all accompany each other delightfully. For example, a simple curry becomes so much more with the addition of side dishes, authentic Indian drinks and a foolproof timetable to help guarantee a superb meal no matter how busy you are. This is another classic from the unstoppable Mr Oliver!

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