Culford water tower restoration continues apace

PUBLISHED: 17:36 22 August 2011 | UPDATED: 19:53 20 February 2013

Culford water tower restoration continues apace

Culford water tower restoration continues apace

Even the intervention of swallows, giant moths and snakes can't hinder the rapid pace of work at Culford

Even the intervention of swallows, giant moths and snakes can't hinder the rapid pace of work at Culford

At Culford, the former watertower transformation isahead of schedule.Mark Williamson startedwork on the tower early inthe year and his aim is to be in theirnew home by Christmas Day.

The fine weather has allowed allaspects of the project to progress well;though the wildlife can produce delays.

He said: We are ahead of schedulethough I have now got more workcoming in, so I think it will slow down alittle bit.Everything is going well. The budgetis spot on. We still aim to be in forChristmas.

Work ground to a halt on theextension when a pair of swallowsdecided to nest in the apex of thevaulted ceiling.Mark said: My suggestion of a stickto knock it down was scorned upon. Themale even landed on Carlys arm fora brief stop, as they became theadopted family.

We had a visit from agrass snake and a 4cm longmoth with the mostamazing wing pattern Ihave ever seen!

Rabbits have nowdecided, as they cantburrow under the buriedchicken wire on the perimeter fence, tohop over the top and help themselves tocabbages and anything green in ourvegetable plot.

The tower is beginning to look like ahome.The purpose-made windows, overfive metres high, are now fitted andglazed and have transformed the tower,it now looks feasible it could become ahouse.

It is a real family affair and Marksdaugher Carly has been helping himmanage the project.His partner Paula, and her sons Liam,Ben and Ashley have also beeninvolved restoring the castiron tank, which was madeby H Young & CoEngineers of Pimlico,who also made thesphinxes at CleopatrasNeedle in London.

The tank has been givensix coats of paint andprimer including a finaldark red coat.The tower and extension are nowroofed with tiles and finials to matchthe existing tower roof.Scaffold is starting to come down,which is always a rewarding time whenthe hard work is starting to be revealed.

Most of the plumbing and electricshave been built in ready for the excitingfinishing work to commence. Paulasthoughts are already turning to colourschemes and trying to find local curtainmakers to assist with the all importantfurnishings.

A feature of the main living will bethe Ergofocus woodburner, beingpurpose-built in France, which will besuspended four metres below the watertower and can be rotated to facedifferent parts of the room.

Meanwhile in Scotland a castaluminium spiral staircase is beingmanufactured, the height of threenormal stair-runs, in the Victorianstyle, which will arrive in long tubesand be assembled on site.

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