Making your bed the best it can be

PUBLISHED: 15:14 06 March 2017

National Bed Month

National Bed Month


March marks National Bed Month. Jill Barrett, from Barretts of Woodbridge, advises on choosing a bed, and other accessories, to make your bedroom a restful haven

Barretts of Woodbridge, Baltic table lampsBarretts of Woodbridge, Baltic table lamps

There’s nothing more important than a really good, restful night’s sleep – but how can we create the right environment for that perfect night’s sleep?

Deep, uninterrupted sleep not only re-energises the body, mind and soul, but it also helps to improve daytime alertness, productivity and performance.

Good sleep is a crucial element for health and wellbeing and is as important as diet and exercise.

Barretts of Woodbridge, William Morris Pure rangeBarretts of Woodbridge, William Morris Pure range

I’m going to concentrate on four aspects of your bedroom – lighting, carpets and curtains, the bed itself and bed linen.


Lighting can completely change the feel of any room and it’s really important to get in right in your bedroom.

Try to avoid too much ‘blue light’ from LEDs, phones and TV, as these can stimulate your brain rather than relax it.

Barretts of Woodbridge, Dunlopillo bedBarretts of Woodbridge, Dunlopillo bed

The gorgeous bedside lamps we stock at Barretts of Woodbridge can help to create a restful atmosphere in your bedroom. Pictured are Baltic table lamps, £40.

Carpets and Curtains

You can really alter the feel of a room by changing your flooring. Even a laminate or wooden floor can be transformed by the addition of a soft rug. To be honest though, there’s nothing like the feel of a soft, wool carpet.

The Wool RoomThe Wool Room

Wool has an historic reputation for quality and offers luxurious underfoot comfort and warmth. It also acts as an insulator, improving heat retention and energy efficiency.

We also stock man-made carpets (even the one David Beckham has in his bedroom, the Jacaranda Ultimate, which costs £250psm!).

Eliminating external light from your bedroom is essential to a restful night’s sleep and simple blackout lining can help.

Your choice of window dressings however can create just the right ambience for you. I love the William Morris Pure range by Sanderson (pictured), which features soft, neutral colours, starting at £38/m.

The Wool RoomThe Wool Room

The Bed

The most important part of your bedroom is your actual bed.

Did you know that The Sleep Council recommend that most beds should be replaced after around seven years? Your bed might not look worn, but you can guarantee it doesn’t offer the same comfort and support as it did when it was brand new.

It’s vital to try beds before purchasing, and at Barretts we have lots to choose from, including the all-natural latex Dunlopillos (pictured), top of the range Hypnos (the Queen sleeps on one!) and Relyon.

A sumptuous headboard can finish off the look, and matching base/headboard fabric is very popular and both Dunlopillo and Hypnos have lots to choose from.

Bed Linen

Natural and breathable bed linen will help to keep you at just the right temperature for sleep.

Here are some easy to remember tips on the different types of bed linen:

• Egyptian cotton is generally considered to be the best, with a longer ‘staple’ or thread, resisting pilling

• 100% cotton percale is cool and crisp and ideal for warmer sleepers or summer months

• Sateen is soft and smooth with a slight sheen and feels slightly warmer than cotton percale

• Flannelette is soft and warm – this is the thickest fabric and is perfect for cold winter months

• Silk is said to be beneficial for skin and hair, keeping it soft and wrinkle-free. Our silk pillowcases cost £39 each.

Our Peter Reed Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases are simply divine, and topped off with a wonderfully light goosedown duvet and pillows, they will be sure to make you feel like you’re sleeping in a cloud! Our 90% goosedown duvets start from £140 and pillows £85.

So you can see there are lots of way to make your bedroom, and your all-important night’s sleep, a restful and refreshing experience.

Barretts of Woodbridge, 40-42 Thoroughfare, Woodbridge, IP12 1AL. Visit or call 01394 384300

All about wool:

When it comes to buying a duvet, pillow or mattress protector, the majority of people will choose a synthetic, feather or down solution.

But The Wool Room is leading a change among bedding suppliers and delivering real benefits to people’s sleep, not to mention their health and wellbeing.

The Wool Room sells luxury wool bedding made from the finest British wool, which is scientifically proven to improve sleep quality.

In fact, research suggests wool bedding can help provide up to 25% more stage four regenerative sleep.

This means you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to face the day.

Here are just some of the other benefits of choosing wool bedding:

Whatever the weather

You may associate wool with being warm, but in fact it is naturally breathable to keep you cool in summer too. Wool fibre helps to keep your body at the optimal temperature range for comfort and rest. The fibres absorb moisture away from the body and release it into the air. They can absorb up to 30% of their weight without feeling heavy or damp, whereas cotton fabrics start to feel damp after just 15%.

Allergy friendly

The Wool Room bedding is the first of its kind to be scientifically proven hypoallergenic that is also 100% natural. Recent scientific tests have shown that the wool bedding is resistant to house dust mites, allergen and fungus. It has proven to be effective without freezing or washing at high temperatures. The bedding is ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies, asthma or eczema. The Wool Room is the only wool bedding manufacturer to have been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval.

Easy to clean

Just like sheep, wool loves fresh air, so the best wash for a wool duvet is totally natural. Simply hang the duvet on your washing line on a breezy day or toast in the sun on your balcony. When you want to give your bedding a complete wash, The Wool Room offers a range of bedding products which are machine washable on a wool cycle, using wool detergent.

Find out more

Sheep farmers Bob and Niki Wilden run The Wool Room Sleep Studio at their home near Ipswich. Here, you can explore the range of bedding, wool mattresses and wool blankets, throws and other home accessories.

Visit the The Wool Room Sleep Studio at Sycamore Farm, Somersham Road, Bramford, IP8 4NN, on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 10am and 4pm.

Alternatively, call Niki and Bob on 01473 831723 or 07477 090745 to arrange a visit at any other time, including evenings and weekends.

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