Holly's hints: Combining texture and colour

PUBLISHED: 11:56 16 June 2011 | UPDATED: 19:33 20 February 2013

Holly's hints: Combining texture and colour

Holly's hints: Combining texture and colour

Interior designer Holly Nicholls on how to lift a neutral palette with a splash of colour

Interior designer Holly Brightwell on how to lift a neutral palette with a splash of colour

A neutral palette always conveys a very comfortable and easy to live in space and is a look we are often asked to create for our clients, but we also love using a splash of colour for visual impact. To achieve this we use colour and texture in a subtle and gentle way.

Starting with all important colour - voluptuous lilacs, purples and earthy greens can make neutrals sing, using splashes of these colours on scatter cushions, curtains and blinds works really well.

Blues although giving a cooler feel can work so well against rich taupes and oatmealsand gives thelook a fresh coastal feel.

Both red and orange are fabulous in that you only need a tiny amount to make a big impact andalso to addan element of richness. Yellows will give warmth and make the coldest of rooms look positively inviting and sit very comfortably with soft creams, taupes and charcoals.

Texture is so vitally important, and fabrics which come in a variety of textures are usually the starting point to our schemes.

We love to use a mix of linen, cashmere, wool, silk, cotton, voile and velvet all of which add to the atmosphere giving a layered look.When they are mixed with other materials such as limestone, wood, stainless steel and coloured glass, they are not only practical but bring a natural beauty to the room.

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