Why you should visit Kiln Farm Nursery this spring and summer

PUBLISHED: 10:42 18 April 2018 | UPDATED: 10:22 24 April 2018

Kiln Farm Nursery

Kiln Farm Nursery


As spring moves into summer, Kiln Farm Nursery, located on the main road through Kesgrave, becomes a magical place to visit and shop

As we move through spring and into summer it is a magical time at Kiln Farm Nursery according to owners Paul and Ruth Goudy. “All the hard work that we put in during the year seems to come together” says Paul.

“The perennials are flowering, the shrubs look good and the summer bedding is fresh and lovely in the polytunnel. Not only that, the wildlife on the farm is enjoying the longer, warm days. There are usually bird’s nests on site, butterflies and we love the newborn lambs on the farm.”

Paul and Ruth Goudy run Kiln Farm Nursery, on the Main Road through Kesgrave.

Kiln Farm NurseryKiln Farm Nursery

They started on a bare field on Ruth’s family farm seventeen years ago with just a small second hand shed. Their first daughter was a baby and they potted up and weeded with her in the pram beside them! They haven’t ever looked back.

Ruth also writes a blog about working with flowers and plants and what meanings or messages they carry.

“My favourite part is planting the hanging baskets” explains Ruth. “There are several hundred to do every year but I am rather possessive and love doing them all. It means working some very long days!”

Kiln Farm NurseryKiln Farm Nursery

“I love the fact that I plant small green plants in a bare basket and that in just a few weeks they are flowering in every imaginable colour and will look good all summer. We make some to sell directly but lots of our customers bring their empty baskets back every year to be refilled.

“It really makes my day each time someone comes in because over the years I get to know just how individuals like their baskets to look and it is lovely to catch up on how people are doing.”

It is important to remember that there are many plants that draw the wildlife in. Although many people know how effective Buddleia is at attracting butterflies, do not forget how big they can grow.

Kiln Farm NurseryKiln Farm Nursery

You may prefer a variety like ‘Buzz’ which has been bred to stay small but still have the flower heads.

Every little helps!

Scented plants, such as honeysuckles, appeal to bees. Yellow flowers, such as coreopsis, attract the insects and moths are found around white flowers in the evening. Moths can see light petals better. In fact if you sit in a garden at dusk some white flowers seem almost luminous.

Kiln Farm NurseryKiln Farm Nursery

Ruth says: “At this time of year, in the twilight it is our leucanthemums that steal the show with their giant daisy flowers. And it is in the evening as we leave, the customers long gone, that the nursery really comes alive.

“The birds, insects and animals take up residency again and it is as if we are the ones who are the visitors.”


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