Clean, green way to barbecue: Suffolk woman’s award-winning invention

PUBLISHED: 12:31 05 August 2014

Amy Hardingham & Barbecube

Amy Hardingham & Barbecube

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Most of us enjoy a summer barbecue in the back garden, and there’s nothing like proper charcoal for an authentic grill. But it’s not always a clean and pleasant experience.

Anglia Picture Agency-Pic by Rob Howarth
Amy Hardingham pictured with the Barecube at Alder Carr Farm, SuffolkAnglia Picture Agency-Pic by Rob Howarth Amy Hardingham pictured with the Barecube at Alder Carr Farm, Suffolk

Amy Hardingham, a member of the Hardingham farming family from Alder Carr, near Needham market, has produced an award winning product called the Barbecube, the UK’s first and only British grown, instant-lighting charcoal.

Ingeniously simple, the Barbecube is basically a sustainably produced cardboard box packed with charcoal. Unlike existing instant lighting charcoal it contains no chemical additives and no material from rainforests. There is no waste packaging to throw away, and no need to get messy handling the charcoal.

To use it you light a cardboard wick at the bottom of the box then place it in your barbecue where you would normally place your charcoal. Fifteen minutes after lighting the box, Barbecube’s charcoal is ready to cook on.

Amy established her business in September last year. In just 10 months Barbecube been made available in more than 140 stores across the UK and has now won its inventor the Enterprise of the Year and Gold for Innovation at the Ixion Enterprise Awards 2014.

“It’s fantastic news,” says Amy of winning the award, “and great to see people really getting behind the idea of using British charcoal. Up until now, if you wanted to have a barbecue without huffing and puffing over a fire and getting covered in charcoal and ash your only option was to buy imported charcoal soaked in lighter-fuel. These commonly contain material from rainforests and have been transported half way round the world. I wanted to change this.”

Barbecube is available at Alder Carr Farm and in East of England Co-op throughout Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex as part of its Sourced Locally range.

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