Ask the Vet: Izzy

PUBLISHED: 15:40 17 October 2016 | UPDATED: 15:40 17 October 2016

Izzy Hunter

Izzy Hunter


Pets rarely escape road traffic accidents without serious injury, as Izzy the cat found out

Izzy HunterIzzy Hunter

It was a worrying morning for Simon and Jessica Hunter as their much adored cat, Izzy, returned home after a night out, clearly in considerable pain.

Jessica immediately took Izzy to her usual vets in Bury St. Edmunds. It was clear that she had suffered a road traffic accident and she was therefore stabilised prior to X-rays being taken the following day.

Izzy HunterIzzy Hunter

These confirmed very serious pelvic injuries, which included a number of fractures and a massively displaced tail-base fracture. The latter injury was of most concern, as it indicated that Izzy’s tail had been trapped under a car tyre, and pulled in such a way as to damage nerve roots further up the spinal cord, especially those required for voluntary urination. This injury may therefore have rendered Izzy permanently incontinent.

With haste, Izzy was referred to Christchurch Veterinary Referrals. We see this injury rather commonly at CVR, and have established a treatment protocol which involves the surgical repair of the fractured elements of the pelvis, as was done in Izzy’s case, followed by amputation of the broken tail along with the insertion of a urinary catheter for one week. Both the tail amputation and the use of a urinary catheter serve to minimise strain on the damaged nerve roots, providing the optimal environment for them to heal.

“It was a tense week, but the staff were so good ringing every day, sometimes twice a day, to let us know how Izzy was, that she was eating OK and quite settled,” said Jessica. “When Monday, one week later, came and the catheter was removed, we were so worried, but by the evening she had used her litter tray several times and was cleared to come home on Tuesday.”

At CVR we have had considerable success with the management of cases such as Izzy’s. We are all so pleased that she has done so well.

“Izzy is well on the way to being her old self, minus her tail, and I can’t thank Shane and the staff at Christchurch enough for their care,” said Jessica.

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