Adventurer Jilly Sherlock returns home to Felixstowe

PUBLISHED: 08:07 15 July 2013 | UPDATED: 08:07 15 July 2013

Jilly Sherlock, who has cycled around the world, returns to Felixstowe after two years away.

Jilly Sherlock, who has cycled around the world, returns to Felixstowe after two years away.


Every day has brought a fresh challenge for intrepid adventurer Jilly Sherlock.

Since leaving Felixstowe on her bicycle two years ago she has pedalled through nearly 30 countries, taken in the sights of five continents and embraced different ways of life – while surviving on just £5 a day.

With her trusty camera in hand she has captured every moment of her incredible journey, which has seen her travel through blizzards, extreme heat and the Taklamakan Desert in Western China where temperatures plummeted to -25C (-13F).

Jilly has now brought her journey to a close returning to Felixstowe, where she was welcomed by her friends and family.

She said: “I’ve had a great adventure, but it is good to see all my friends again.

“I cycled back from Heathrow to London and then back to Felixstowe. After going all around the world I thought it would be cheating not to complete this.

“In fact, getting into west London from Heathrow was the only time on my entire journey where I got lost!”

Jilly first set off on her journey to explore the world in April 2011 after being made redundant, with the initial aim of reaching China.

But she carried on her travels by heading to Thailand and then on to Malaysia before making her way to Singapore. Along the way she has set up camps inside sheds, alongside remote lakes and even in a petrol station forecourt.

Most recently, Jilly extended her travels to Chile where, at one point, she was forced to seek shelter in a drainpipe as a storm raged on around her and she then moved on to Argentina.

Speaking to her thousands of internet followers, she wrote: “You see miles of absolute nothingness, unable to comprehend that the next village is sometimes eight days away.

“Mountain ranges loom up in front of you, and for 90km you have this view. You feel every drop of rain, every breath of wind, every sting of hail, your fingers ache with cold, your clothing crisp with dried sweat, you are covered in dust and grime and go for days without washing.”

You can see Jilly’s account of her journeys by visiting

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