10 Ways You Can Save On Energy Bills For Your Home And Business

PUBLISHED: 12:36 19 May 2016 | UPDATED: 13:04 19 May 2016

10 Ways You Can Save On Energy Bills For Your Home And Business

10 Ways You Can Save On Energy Bills For Your Home And Business


In our homes and businesses, we are so used to the heating and lighting coming on at will. How many of us actually consider where this energy comes from? High fuel prices have become the bane of everybody’s lives in recent years, so really we should be starting to look at where our energy comes from, and how we’re using it.

10 Ways You Can Save On Energy Bills For Your Home And Business10 Ways You Can Save On Energy Bills For Your Home And Business

We spoke with Nigel Day from Energie Solutions, to find out more about saving money on your bills. He set up the company twelve years ago, and is an expert in renewable technologies and energy saving initiatives.

He says: “Reviewing your energy consumption is very much a two-fold benefit – You will save money for your home or business, but as an offshoot of that you have the environmental side of things too. By using technologies such as airsource heat-pumps, our customers feel as though they are doing their bit in terms of reducing their carbon footprint. But also, I think they all of a sudden have a more conscious interest in their energy use, because they are generating it themselves.”

There are some simple actions everyone can take to reduce their fuels bills whether in the home or at work. Below are a few of these:-

1. Switch off lights when not in use and label switches to encourage people to turn them off when they leave the room.

2. Measure light levels to ensure light is not being wasted!

3. Lighting controls such as occupancy sensors, photocells and time switches are cheap to buy and easy to install. These automatically control the lights with no human interaction.

4. Compact fluorescent and LED lamps have significantly reduced in cost over the last 1-2 years and offer considerable costs savings over the lifetime of the lamp.

5. Turn the temperature down. Reducing the temperature for both space and water heating just 1 degree can save up to 10%

6. Review your heating plan regularly, to ensure it is set specifically to the lifestyle of the occupants.

7. Check insulation levels meet or exceed 270mm in the loft, ensure cavity walls are insulated and heating pipes are lagged with a quality insulation material.

8. Check for the availability of capital grants for households and business to help cover the cost of improvements. There is a European Grant being made immediately available to Kent and Essex SMEs to pay up to £10K (40% capital expenditure) on the installation of energy efficient measures.

9. There are now many products available to further increase energy savings such as voltage optimisation and boiler management units.

10. Renewable technologies have significantly improved and capital costs have reduced in the past 12 months, with some capital grants and incentives available.

Saving Energy in the Home:

10 Ways You Can Save On Energy Bills For Your Home And Business10 Ways You Can Save On Energy Bills For Your Home And Business

From a domestic point of view, Energie Solutions provide a number of options to help you cut costs, from lighting and energy efficiency advice and voltage optimisation units to PV panels and off-grid heating solutions.

Nigel says: “At the moment with PV panels and heat pumps there are initiatives which compensate for the initial outlay costs. There are tax benefits and grants to offset that initial expenditure, and in the future the prices of these types of installation are going to come down. Look at double-glazing – it was once very expensive, and now everybody has it!”

Saving energy for your business:

In addition to the services above, Energie Solutions also offer a range of services specifically designed for businesses, including LED lighting, lighting surveys, and an energy management tool.

Nigel says: “What we really aim to do is help businesses ensure they are geared up for the future. Energy prices aren’t going to drop, and there will be more pressure via legislation for people to switch to energy saving products. Local planning departments are looking at off-gas grid areas because they don’t want new oil connections going on. So they’re looking at air source heat pumps to take care of heating and hot water requirements.”

“One of the changes we’re beginning to see is the installation of electric vehicle charging points, and I think more and more companies are now viewing this as a meaningful way of reducing their fuel consumption with electric vehicles. There are a number of incentives in place with the savings really adding up, which is great for commercial and fleet vehicle owners.”

Some of the incentives include:

- Road fund licences (tax discs) are much cheaper for electric vehicles, with savings up to £300 per vehicle

- Government funding available for electric car charging points.

- Continued government support for purchasing electric vehicles.

- Enhanced Capital Allowances mean you can deduct the full cost of the installation from your profits before tax.

- Car charging points can be used as a revenue generator for your business.

About Energie Solutions:

Energie Solutions specialise in taking care of all your energy saving needs for your home or business. They offer a number of solutions from free energy efficiency surveys, annual boiler checks, renewable technologies, electric car charging points and more.

They are based in Lawford, Essex and cover East Anglia and beyond. Their aim is to help you reduce the amount you are spending on energy, as well as helping you lower your carbon footprint.

“Our approach is simple,” says Nigel. “After identifying exactly what you need, we will put the right solution together for you, not only providing the best products and services, but we are in a unique position to help you access any Government funding and financial incentives to potentially help pay towards any work you wish to have done.”

For more information call 01206 396901.

or visit http://www.energiesolutions.co.uk/

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