Turn up the heat with Bonfire Bolognese

PUBLISHED: 11:44 04 November 2014 | UPDATED: 11:44 04 November 2014

Bonfire Bolognese

Bonfire Bolognese


Tuddenham Mill head chef Lee Bye shares his fireworks favourite


300g hare mince

150g pork back fat (minced)

4 rashers streaky bacon (sliced)

2 shallots (sliced)

2 sprigs of thyme (finely chopped)

4 juniper berries (finely chopped)

Tomato purée

300g tinned chopped tomatoes

1 large glass of red wine

170g good quality chicken stock

1 teaspoon Marmite

Rapeseed oil (75ml)

Macaroni pasta


Feta cheese

Kale or spinach


Heat rapeseed oil in a large heavy bottomed pan. Sweat off all meat elements. Once all the moisture has escaped from pan and meat is starting to fry, turn down heat and add shallots, juniper and thyme. Keep moving the mince until bottom of pan starts to turn a golden colour. Add the sliced mushrooms, sweat for a further five minutes, then de-glaze pan with the red wine. Reduce red wine completely from the mince. Transfer mince into a smaller pot, add tomato paste, chopped tomatoes and chicken stock. Simmer for a good hour. When the bolognese has come together and is nice and tight in the pan mix in the Marmite and salt. Cook for a further 10 minutes. Leave to stand for a good half hour before serving to give flavours time to relax.

Hare is very lean so a fatty cheese like feta works well crumbled over before serving, along with some buttered greens and roasted pumpkin. I don’t like eating big pastas with this bolognese so macaroni for me is perfect. Fill up paper cups with the bolognese and sit round the bonfire to enjoy a Halloween treat.

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