Ravioli de spinaci recipe from Honor Townsend of Simply Sugo, Stowmarket

PUBLISHED: 11:10 25 March 2010 | UPDATED: 16:58 20 February 2013

Honor at work in the kitchen

Honor at work in the kitchen

Create this delicious Italian dish at home

Ravioli di spinaci e ricotta con salsa di pomodorini, aglio e basilico fresco

Pasta fresca aluovo (Fresh egg pasta)

500g durum wheat flour (de cecco) or 00 flour
10 egg yolks and 3 whole eggs
Make a wide well in the flour and break the eggs into it.
With your fingers incorporate the flour into the eggs without breaking the sides of the well.
Form into smooth, very firm but workable dough. It mustnt be wet or it will stick to the pasta machine or rolling pin. Wrap in cling film and let it rest for an hour.
Take a small piece at a time and feed through a pasta roller to obtain a thin sheet. I find you have to fold it and put it through the widest setting a couple of times until it is uniform and smooth. Then roll it twice through each setting. I dont use the last setting as I think it makes it too thin, but instead roll it three times through the second last.

Ravioli di spinaci e ricotta (Spinach and ricotta ravioli)

For the filling:
500g (cooked weight) fresh blanched spinach, squeezed well to dry
500g fresh ricotta cheese
150g grated parmesan
Nutmeg to taste
Salt and pepper
Chop the spinach and add all the ingredients together. Roll out one strip of pasta as thin as possible. Put heaped teaspoons of the filling along the middle of the strip of pasta at 6cm intervals Use a pastry brush to lightly egg wash around the ricotta mixture. Place another sheet of pasta loosely over the sheet with the filling.
Gently press down around each little mound of filling making sure they are well sealed and have no air bubbles.
Cut out the ravioli with a round pastry cutter leaving a 1cm border of pasta around each one. Leave on a floured sheet to dry. You can keep in the fridge to use within 24 hrs or freeze them in layers of greaseproof paper. Delicious served with sage leaves tossed in butter with grated parmesan or sauted garlic, cherry tomatoes and basil (see right).

Salsa di pomodorini, aglio e basilico fresco (Sauce of cherry tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil)

500g fresh cherry tomatoes
5 cloves of garlic sliced
A bunch of basil, salt and ground black pepper
A pinch of chilli (optional)
Quarter the tomatoes. Chop or tear up the basil leaves. Saut the garlic in 4 tbsp good olive oil until it starts to change colour. Add the tomatoes, salt pepper and chilli. Cook for a minute or two then add the basil. Turn off the heat. Drop the ravioli into a pan of boiling water and let them boil for about 3-4 minutes. Carefully drain the ravioli and add them to the tomato sauce. Toss them around gently on a low heat until they are all covered. Serve with some grated parmesan or pecorino cheese.

As well as specialising in Italian food Honor Townsend is a private chef available for all occasions. More details www.simplysugo.com

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