Easy recipes for some tea time classics

PUBLISHED: 10:23 21 June 2016 | UPDATED: 10:23 21 June 2016




When summer arrives and temperatures rise what better way to spoil yourself . . .

Starwberrie cup cakesStarwberrie cup cakes

Chocolate and Cherry Battenberg Cake

Anmar Odendal, pastry chef, The Swan at Lavenham Hotel & Spa

This cherry and chocolate cake inspired Battenberg cake is a big favourite on the afternoon tea menu at the Swan at Lavenham Hotel & Spa. Cherry and chocolate gives things a twist on the traditional style Battenberg. Makes three rectangular cakes, approximately eight slices each. You will need two eight inch cake tins, sides and bottom lined with greaseproof paper.

Croque MonsieurCroque Monsieur


250g unsalted butter; 250g caster sugar; 235g self-raising flour, weighed into two batches, 140g and 95g; 100g ground almonds, weighed into two 50g batches; Seeds of 1 vanilla pod; 45g cocoa powder; 6 medium eggs; 1 heaped teaspoon cherry jam; 750g marzipan; Red or dark pink paste food colour; Icing sugar, for dusting


Place the butter, sugar and vanilla seeds in a mixing bowl and cream together till pale and fluffy. Beat the eggs slightly with a fork and slowly pour into the mixture. Mix until incorporated. Divide the batter into two equal parts. Sift 140g of the flour with 50g of the ground almonds and add the cocoa powder, mix this into one half of the cake mixture. Sift the 95g of flour and the other 50g batch of almonds into the other half. Add a few drops of red or dark pink food colouring to colour the batter a deep and rich colour. Pour each batter into one of the prepared cake tins and bake for 25 to 30 minutes. The sponges are done when the sides begin to shrink from the edges of the tin and the top springs back to the touch. Allow the sponges to cool for at least 30 minutes. Turn them out of the tins, wrap the sponges in cling film and rest them overnight at room temperature. The sponges will firm up for trimming and layering. Level each sponge to a 1 inch thickness by cutting off the top and bottom crusts, as well as the edges. Divide the sheets of sponge into three even pieces. Heat the cherry jam in a saucepan and spread a thin layer on top of each layer of chocolate sponge, then stick one of the red sponge strips onto each of the chocolate strips, forming three logs that will each be half chocolate, and half red. Cut each log into half lengthways and lay each side flat. You should now have six strips of cake that are each half red, and half chocolate. Brush three of the strips with cherry jam, and stick the other half back onto it, but flip it around so that the chocolate layers upon the red, and the red lies upon the chocolate. This will now form three logs, each with four cubes of alternate colours. Colour the marzipan with some red food colouring and brush the edges of each log with more jam. Roll the log on, or into the layer of marzipan so that all the sides of the cake is covered with the marzipan. Trim the edges off and smooth out all the edges with cake smoothers. Leave to set for 30 minutes, slice and serve!


Strawberry cup cakes

A quick and easy recipe, perfect for a summer cream tea from Angel Delights, Hadleigh


4 medium eggs; 225g self raising flour; 225g caster sugar; 225g margarine; Strawberry preserve; Strawberries


Sieve flour in to a mixing bowl. Add the margarine, sugar and eggs and mix together for two minutes. Spoon in to paper cup cake cases. Bake at 170 degrees centigrade for 15 minutes. Leave to cool then cut a small circle from each cake and fill with strawberry preserve. Place cut out circle back on top of the cake. Pipe butter cream and decorate with strawberries.


Croque Monsieur

James Barber, head chef, White Lion Hotel, Aldeburgh

An afternoon tea menu with a French twist is being introduced for the summer at the White Lion Hotel, Aldeburgh, with both sweet and savoury dishes on the menu. You can enjoy mini croque monsieur, fondant fancies, Suffolk honey madeleines, crème patisserie, fruit tartlets, macarons and meringue nests, all presented on Parisian style crockery and served with your choice of freshly brewed tea. You can add a glass of chilled Champagne for an extra treat.


2 slices of bloomer bread; 2 slices of smoked Suffolk ham; 75g gruyere cheese grated; 50g béchamel sauce


Toast bread on one side, turn over, smear with half the béchamel sauce, add the ham and three-quarters of the cheese. Make into a sandwich and paste the top with remaining béchamel sauce, then sprinkle with the cheese. Place under a hot grill or bake for about 8-10 mins until bubbling and golden.


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