Chef of the Month - Jason Shaw, The Wentworth, Aldeburgh

PUBLISHED: 13:33 27 May 2014

jason shaw

jason shaw


What can we expect to eat at The Wentworth now that you’re in charge of the kitchen?

Fresh, fun, tasty, new, and local dishes. An emphasis on fresh fish – we are by the sea after all – and seasonal dishes are important, especially for local markets.

How would you describe your style of food?

It is strong, hearty British food with influences from around the world.

When did you decide you wanted to be a chef?

I started cooking for my mother from the age of eight and loved it. By the time I was 12 I knew I would some day be a chef.

What’s the most enjoyable part of the job?

I enjoy passing knowledge on to others and training people. I can always learn new aspects of the job too. You are never too old to learn. And of course seeing guests enjoy themselves as a result of a good meal in our lovely hotel surroundings.

And the most challenging?

A chef’s life is always time consuming. It’s a challenge to balance the time between work, family and my church fellowship. I love all three components of my life and I am able to find that balance thankfully.

Who’s your culinary idol?

I have to say Nick Patterson. He was my chef de partie who trained me at The Royal Garden Hotel when I was a commis chef. He now manages the patisserie at The Connaught.

Someone’s cooking dinner for you – what’s your favourite dish?

You can’t beat a homemade pizza – real bread, dough, a great tomato base with fresh basil. Toppings of fresh chorizo, Green Thunder cheddar and Suffolk bacon. Dessert would be a really good passionfruit creme brulee.

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