Invest in your child's future

PUBLISHED: 09:57 22 February 2011 | UPDATED: 18:55 20 February 2013

Invest in your child's future

Invest in your child's future

In harsh economic times, don't make the mistake of cutting back on your child's education, says Liam Butler

In harsh economic times, dont make the mistake of cutting back on your childs education, says Liam Butler

With the recession hitting families in every income bracket, many people are looking to make savings. For some this might mean stopping, or failing to consider, paying for a place at an independent school. However, it is important to contemplate what an independent education means for your child and their prospects before deciding to cut this essential cost.

Preparatory education
A successful prep education for children younger than 11 can provide the essentials needed to equip them to succeed in their educational career. Independent schools generally have a better pupil-teacher ratio and are able to challenge the brightest pupils whilst supporting those with additional needs. Sacrificing a prep education may seem an obvious saving when considering how best to afford your childs education at a later stage, with many parents choosing to put off paying until their child is at GCSE or A Level stage. However, it is important to consider what a preparatory education means and how it can set up your child for years to come. Independent prep schools tend to concentrate on subjects such as languages which have all but disappeared from the maintained sector at that age and many have facilities to rival even their larger senior school counterparts. It should come as no shock that independent school educated pupils are disproportionately represented in these subjects at university and in A Level courses.

Tailor-made education
An independent education, whilst being one of the bigger expenses a parent might encounter, should be seen as an investment in your childs future. An independent education is an opportunity to choose a school that fits your childs educational needs. Small class sizes and fantastic facilities complement good academic results and extensive extra curricular activities, providing real value for money. Independent schools are in the enviable position of being flexible and able to set their own agenda. The independent sector allows parents to find a school that meets their childs needs successfully. Parents can invest in an education at a school that will fully support their childs needs academic, sporting or pastoral. The independent sector caters for all types of pupils including those with SEN with 0.5% of students in ISC schools having a SEN statement.
ISC runs a free information and advice service (ISCias) to help parents locate appropriate schools in their area. The school search on ISCs website helps hundreds of parents each month find schools to visit and contact directly. Staff are on hand Monday to Friday 9-5 to answer any queries that parents and pupils may have. ISCias can be contacted on 0845 SCHOOLS (7246657) or at

Liam Butler works for the Independent Schools Council information and advice service, answering parental queries about Independent schools.

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